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Access Violation Exception

Dec 10, 2015 at 4:18 PM
Dear All,

I get an Access Violation Exception (read write protected memory) for the following:
// Data (Bind to Setup Kernel)
if (base.cuda_float3_array != null)
    CudaTexture.BindTexture(cuda_setup_kernel, "tex", CUAddressMode.Clamp, CUFilterMode.Linear,CUTexRefSetFlags.NormalizedCoordinates, base.cuda_float3_array);

if (base.cuda_float2_array != null)
    CudaTexture.BindTexture(cuda_setup_kernel, "ran", CUAddressMode.Wrap, CUFilterMode.Linear, CUTexRefSetFlags.NormalizedCoordinates, base.cuda_float2_array);
These textures are used within my kernel then. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it crashes.

Any help? It is urgent!

Thanks in advance!!!